What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Pet Diapers?

Dogs who cannot move freely have to wear pet diapers, but this is for dogs. Putting on pet diapers is not a comfortable thing. After the excretion of the dog, the excrement will stick to the hair and skin of the dog in addition to the paper diaper. This can become unhygienic and may cause dermatitis and cystitis. At the same time, airtight diapers can cause dogs to have prickly heat.

Because pet diapers can bring discomfort to dogs, when dogs wear pet diapers for a long time, the dogs will silently accumulate stress in their hearts. Therefore, the owner should also spend more time to accompany the dog and relieve his inner pressure. In addition, the cost is also a serious problem. Dog diapers are much more expensive than human ones. Moreover, different dogs have different applicable sizes, requiring the owner to spend more costs.

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