What is the difference between baby wipes and pet wipes

The biggest difference between baby wipes and pet wipes is that baby wipes are more clean, so we generally choose baby wipes to wipe babies, and most ordinary wipes have chemical ingredients. So there is no special benefit. So, what is the difference between baby wipes and pet wipes? Generally, baby wipes wipe the baby’s ass, and they will be used after they are pulled. These wipes may contain moisturizing ingredients Therefore, it is not possible to wipe the mouth and hands of the baby. The hand wipes can wipe the baby’s hands and mouth, which is safer than ordinary wipes. If you wipe your mouth, you must buy hand wipes.

 Many brands of baby products make baby wipes. It is more reliable to choose a more famous brand. Due to the special treatment of the baby wipes, the processing link is complicated, and the materials used are exquisite, so the cost is naturally much higher, so the price is higher than other wipes. If the baby wipes bought are very cheap, the quality is difficult to guarantee. So don’t think baby wipes are expensive. Choose a moderate price for your baby’s health. Don’t try to be cheap.

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