Wear bitch pants for dogs

The physiological period of a dog will only cost you money to buy bitch pants and mats. When the cushion buyer changes the small mat, as long as the home environment is clean, there is no need to wear physiological bitch pants. The dog will lick the blood, do not With toilet paper, you need to wear female bitch pants when you go out. Pay attention to keep warm, don’t get cold every time on vacation. You can use old clothes, blankets, etc. to make a cushion for your dog to make it more comfortable.

Don’t take a bath during your physiology, but also help her to clean up the remaining dirt. Because dogs are different from people, menstrual flow is very small, and bitches are generally licking clean, so don’t worry too much. Don’t let her go to the sofa and bed, otherwise it will get dirty. If she is used to resting on the sofa and bed, be sure to lay a blanket during this time. If you do not want your dog to become pregnant, you need to pay special attention. Don’t let it go out by yourself to prevent accidental pregnancy, because the dog will only become pregnant during the menstrual period. Must pay attention.

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