Use Of Pet Changing Mat

There is also a type of pet urine pad designed with a rubber strip on the back, which can allow the pet urine pad to stick to the attachment, increasing the difficulty of pet tearing and biting, and can also prevent the owner or pet from accidentally dragging the pet urine pad to other The location caused an accident. Many manufacturers are advertising that their pet diapers can better help pets learn to excrete at a certain time, because they add odor or inducer ingredients to attract pets to the pet diapers to use the toilet.

But in fact, not all pets like the same smell, so not all smells and inducers can work. If you plan to excrete your pets outdoors after spending their early years, then you can choose products with a fresh grass fragrance, which can help them better adapt to the smell and environment of “outdoor toilets” in the future. A pet urine pad that contains ammonia odor can also help pets learn to excrete better. Because ammonia is a by-product in urine, when a pet feels that it needs to be excreted, it will choose a location that smells like ammonia because urine The smell of the liquid will tell it here is its pet urine pad. There are also pet urinal pads that add synthetic pheromones to the product, which we call pheromones, and are also sold in the form of sprays that are used in conjunction with pet urinal pads.

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