The use of pet wipes

Pet wipes can be used for more than just these purposes~ Dogs don’t like to take a bath, just use this wipe, not only antibacterial, but also fragrant; develop a good habit of using wipes to care for dogs, not only to prevent bacteria caused by dirt, but also Timely discover whether the dog’s feet, ears, eyes, etc. have hidden health risks; it is necessary to walk the dog. It is suitable for cleaning around the dog’s foot, mouth, ears, buttocks and eyes. Garbage sorting pet feces picking bag

The moisturizing lotion contains a non-irritating soothing lotion, which cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time. The bacteria deodorizes and deodorizes the natural deodorant. The care formula penetrates the roots of the hair to reduce the damage of the fur. It is non-alcoholic, mild and non-irritating, and can be used every day~ Cleaning and cleaning our pets can be a difficult task, especially if they tend to flail and struggle from start to finish. Garbage sorting pet feces picking bag.

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