The Characteristics Of Pet Urine Pads

What are the characteristics of pet urine pads?- Generally speaking, pet urine pads have the following characteristics:

1. The surface layer is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which can quickly penetrate and absorb.

2. The inside is wood pulp and high polymer, and the mole has good absorption capacity. The wood pulp firmly locks the internal moisture.

3. Pet urine pads are generally made of high-quality PE waterproof membrane, which is relatively strong and not easy to be broken by dogs.

4. When do I need to use a pet changing pad?

1. When you bring a pet dog out, especially in the car, it can also be used in pet cages, cars or hotel rooms.

2. Use at home, can save the trouble of handling pet feces.

3. Help pet dogs learn to defecate at a fixed point. If you want puppies to learn to defecate at a fixed point, you can put a pet diaper on the kennel, and then spray a defecation training agent on the pet diaper, which can promote adaptation to the new environment.

4. Used during bitch production.

Fifth, how to use pet diapers to train dogs to urinate? Pet diapers have a more useful effect, that is, they can help train dogs to urinate, especially for puppies. Because the dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, the dog’s olfactory nerve is densely spread on the nasal mucosa, occupying an area of 4 times that of human beings, and is more than 40 times more sensitive to smell. Therefore, the dog will feel more strongly about the inducer in the pet urine pad.

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