Sterilization of pet wipes

In China, many people who keep pets do not know the concept of pet wipes, and even many people are using human wipes or pet towels to clean pets. This is a very wrong behavior. From a scientific point of view, due to the different pH of the skin surface of humans and animals, human wipes cannot be used for pets. Now the consumer’s concept is that people can use it for pets. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The pH value of the human skin surface is between 4.5-5.5, while that of pets is between 6.8-7.4. Acidic wipes are used in close proximity. Sexual fur surface will cause pet epidermal pH imbalance, thereby reducing immunity, pets are easy to get sick, and will also damage pet fur.

In recent years, some pet wipes products have gradually appeared on the market, with varying product quality and cleaning ability. Chinese patent application CN 105213246A discloses a pet deodorizing and cleansing wipes, non-woven fabric as a carrier for pet deodorizing and cleansing liquid, the weight ratio of pet deodorizing and cleansing liquid to carrier is 3 to 3.5:1; The composition of pet cleansing cleansing liquid according to the weight percentage is: sodium dodecyl sulfate, cocoyl ampholytic sodium acetate or polysorbate 20 1%-3%; propylene glycol, glycerol polyether-26 or di Propylene glycol 1%~5%; plant extract 0.1%~3%; PEG-75 lanolin, polysiloxane quaternary ammonium salt-17 or dimethylsiloxane 0.1%~3%; daily chemical essence 0.2%; Phenoxyethanol, polyaminopropyl biguanide or benzalkonium chloride 0.3% ~ 0.6%; disodium EDTA 0.1%; citric acid 0.1% ~ 1%; deionized water 84.1% ~ 97.1%. The cost of the pet deodorizing and cleansing wipes is relatively high. Although it can deodorize and clean the taste, it does not have a bactericidal effect. The same can not play the role of removing pigment.

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