Secrets In Pet Pads

Smell is one of the most important media for cats and dogs to transmit and receive information. In nature, they will delimit their territory through their own excreta, and they will avoid danger by sniffing the excreta of other animals. This is their Evolved survival instinct. But when they walked into the human life from the wild environment, this instinct brought us a lot of trouble, especially for pet families who have young pets or new pets at home, before teaching them to excrete at a fixed point, almost every day. They all need to clean up the “traces” left by these little guys in their homes. If you are also in this frustrating situation, then a pet changing pad will be a good choice for you.

Although pet diapers are not particularly popular in China at present, some pet owners feel that such disposable consumables are not necessary to purchase, but in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, China, the use of pet diapers has already The use of paper towels is as common as it can help pet owners save precious time in handling pet waste every day, and has become a necessity in pet life. Pet diapers are also called urinal pads or training pads. Like diapers used by human babies, pet diapers are disposable hygiene products designed for pets. They are mostly square or rectangular. They consist of an absorbent layer and an outer lining. Water absorption function.

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