Precautions for dog pet feces pickup bag

The dog pet feces pick up bag manufacturer introduces the precautions for pets to be washed: before the pet is cleaned, go to the bathing groomer (go with your dog) to understand his understanding and care of the pet, and Schedule a bathing procedure, observe how he greets cats and dogs, and listen to what he has done to nervous cats and dogs.

Most dogs have a higher ability to obey than cats. Prior to contact, the groomer used food bribes or more gentle gestures and movements to win the dog’s trust. If he encounters a dog with a higher status, he will make the dog surrender with a firmer tone and movement. A good beautician will not ask you if he is fierce, nor will he ask you in front of a nervous cat or dog, but will try to whisper to him. If the groomer says: When your dog is fierce and can’t handle it, you should find another place to wash it.

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