Pet wipes have strong detergency

Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB-35) is a zwitterionic surfactant. It has excellent stability under acidic and alkaline conditions. It exhibits cation and anion respectively, and is often associated with anion, cation and non-ion. When ionic surfactants are used together, their compatibility is good. It has little irritation, is easily soluble in water, stable to acids and alkalis, has more foam, and has strong detergency. It has excellent thickening, softness, sterilization, antistatic, and hard water resistance. Can significantly improve the softness, conditioning and low temperature stability of washing products. The present invention makes the wet wipes more effective and better in overall performance by rationally designing the components and ratio of the wet wipes original liquid. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the present invention are as follows:

1). It can easily and effectively remove pet dirt, and can remove pet odor and make its fragrance fresh. The soft formula not only protects the pet’s fur from being damaged, but also protects the pet’s clean skin from damage.

2). It has no flushing effect, no irritation and no side effects.

3). It has good oil removal, pigment and strong sterilization effect.

4). The preparation method is simple, the raw material cost is low, and it has a good market prospect.

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