Pet Urine Pad Water Absorption

Regardless of whether the water absorption is good or not, compared with the case of no pet urine pads, dogs are peeing at home, small pet urine pads will make the dog pee at a fixed place, and lock the unpleasant smell in a certain space. It will pollute the overall environment and is easier to clean. Pet urine pads can absorb urine and other body fluids many times, so as to always keep the surface of the pet urine pad dry and ensure the health of the pet body. And can quickly absorb excreta and remove unpleasant odors to ensure fresh indoor air.

Only choose pet pads to train your baby’s bowel habits. The shit officer can also place pet pads on a dedicated dog toilet. There is no need to clean the toilet manually. It is very hygienic and eliminates the spread of germs. It is very convenient to throw the pet urine pad into the garbage bag. Before the dog excretes, spray a proper amount of inducer at a fixed point of excretion (such as a pet urine pad or toilet), and then guide the dog over. Repeat training several times to teach the dog where to defecate more quickly.

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