Pet Pad Making

If you are using ordinary pet urine pads without inducers, then you can make the inducers yourself. The specific method is very simple, use a clean paper towel to collect a small part of its urine from the pet’s dirty place, and then put it on the pet urine pad. The smell of urine will tell your pet, here It’s its new toilet. Many people feel that as long as the pet urine pad is placed on the floor, the pet will pee on it by itself. But it is a pity that this is just a ridiculous dream. If things are so simple, training pets to excrete them will not be the most distressing problem for many pet owners. In fact, pets need training to be able to use pet urine pads, and even this will cost the owner a lot of energy and patience. The following points may help you.

Point one:

It is best to place the pet pad in a quiet and undisturbed position, preferably in the farthest corner of the room, so that your dog can find it relatively easily and will not be disturbed during the excretion process, especially It is for those small dog breeds.

Point two:

If you go out during the day and cannot supervise your pet, it is best to close it in a small area before leaving. Pet pads should be placed opposite the kennels, water bowls and toys. Because many dogs do not like to excrete where they sleep, eat and sleep, pet pads will become their best choice.

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