Pet Diaper Water Permeability

In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the object of the present invention is to provide a pet pet diaper, which can catch the pet’s stool and urine, and effectively prevent the pet’s stool from polluting the hair. In order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention adopts the following technical solutions: a pet pet diaper, including a cover, an absorber, a leak-proof retaining wall, elastic elastic bands on the legs and a magic buckle; the length of the cover is divided from front to back in sequence The abdomen area, crotch area and back area are connected together. The outer cover includes a non-permeable outer layer and a permeable inner layer. The absorber is fixed between the non-permeable outer layer and the permeable inner layer. 

The elastic rubber part is fixed to the outer cover along the length direction, the elastic rubber is installed on the leak-proof wall, the magic buckle is fixedly connected to the side end of the outer cover of the abdominal area, and the bottom surface of the non-permeable outer layer of the back area is fixed The back sticker matching the magic buckle, the outer cover between the rear end of the absorber and the back sticker is provided with a tail hole through which the pet’s tail can pass, and is characterized in that: a position below the tail hole is also provided for the pet to discharge stool The defecation hole is located on the outer cover between the tail hole and the absorber, and a ring-shaped connecting portion is provided on the outer cover around the defecation hole. The ring-shaped connecting portion is provided with a feces receiving bag.

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