Pet Diaper Size And Specifications

One of the most easily overlooked elements when many pet owners purchase pet pads. If the pet pad you choose is too small, even if you have taught your pet how to use it, they may occasionally “lost their goals” and excrete elsewhere. So the pet urine pads you buy must be large enough, not only can they easily find the “quasi-urine area”, but also can ensure that the absorption of the pet urine pads is enough to accommodate all the urine excreted by pets, such as Dadan Large dog breeds such as dogs and Tibetan mastiffs need to buy XL or XXL pet urine pads (currently, the domestic market is relatively rare, and some foreign brands have products of this specification). 

Conversely, if your mattress is too large, it may also cause problems, which will cause your pet to confuse the difference between the mattress or the “game blanket” and the pet urine pad, and it will be excreted in other areas. So your first choice should be those pet pads whose gauges and specifications match your pet. If your pet is still in its infancy, then as their body size increases, the size of the pet pad Increased accordingly.

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