Method for manufacturing portable pet feces picking bag

The utility model relates to a stool picker, in particular to a convenient pet stool picking bag. In order to resolve loneliness, more and more people keep pets. However, with the increasing number of pets, the treatment of pet feces has become an urgent problem to be solved. Pet feces not only seriously affect the appearance of the city and the city, but also cause inconvenience to the residents’ lives, but also because they contain a lot of bacteria and parasites, etc. It is easy to spread diseases and has become a new source of environmental pollution.

Although the existing pet feces picking clip can pick up pet feces, it is easy to contact with the feces and is not easy to clean; when picking up the feces, the feces picker with the feces picking bag needs to pick up the person bending down and pick the picking bag up close by hand , Which is neither convenient nor hygienic; and many existing pet feces picking bags are large in volume, which is not convenient for picking people to carry.

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