Method For Making Pet Diapers

In the city, many people like to keep dogs as pets. In order to prevent dogs from running around, the owner usually keeps them at home, and takes the dogs out for strolling in the morning or after work, so that the pets can urinate at home or in public places. The problem also makes pet owners very distressed. In response to this problem, pet diapers that are convenient for pets have appeared on the market.

For example, in Chinese patent CN 205082435 U, a pet diaper for pets is disclosed, which includes an outer cover, an absorber, a leak-proof retaining wall, elastic elastic bands for legs, and a magic buckle; the absorber is located in the crotch area and abdomen area of the outer cover, And the absorber does not extend into the back area; the outer cover between the rear end of the absorber and the back is provided with a tail hole for the pet’s tail to pass through; the abdomen elastic waist is provided on the front end of the abdomen area, and the back end of the back area There is a back elastic waist; the rear end of the effective elastic part of the elastic elastic band of the leg does not exceed the tail hole. Although it is convenient for pets to urinate and not easy to leak liquid, when the pets defecate, the excrement easily pollutes the hair near the pet’s butt, which is very inconvenient to clean up.

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