Matters needing attention for pet diapers

Under what circumstances are pet diapers usually used? Don’t be surprised. In fact, in the process of raising dogs, this kind of article is often used, don’t believe it? For example, the puppies just brought home, or brought Dogs go out, even after the bitch is delivered, etc., these moments are inseparable from the pet pet pad. If used properly, it can save you a lot of trouble, so parents, do you know when you should use it for your dog? When you take the dog out and sit in the car, the pet diaper It came in handy. At the same time, pet urine pads can also be used for pet boxes, put dogs in the boxes, and lay pet urine pads for easy replacement. 

For some puppies, the effect of pet urine pads will also be more significant, because the dog’s sense of taste is very sensitive, after absorbing feces in the pet urine pad, it will entice the puppies to defecate. Pet pet pads are highly absorbent, and the dog’s size comes with the smell. When it is excreted at a certain place, the second excretion will come here with the smell. The owner can use the pet urine pad as a bait to attract dogs to excrete in the toilet, which is a good method and more effective than newspapers. Bitches can also use pet pet pads during childbirth. If you do not want to change the cleaning pads too much, then after laying the pet pads, they can be dirty and then replaced. It is simple and convenient and saves a lot of trouble. Precautions for the use of pet urine pads, although pet urine pads are convenient to use, they are not without danger. If the dog is after delivery, the puppies like to bite the pet diaper, so it must be hidden to avoid being bitten by the puppy, or even eat by mistake. At the same time, pet urine pads should be kept away from fire sources and some heat-prone items.

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