How To Use Pet Diapers

1) When carrying a pet dog out, it can be placed in a car, pet cage, or hotel room.

(2) Use at home can save the trouble of handling pet feces.

(3) If you want puppies to learn to defecate and defecate, you can put a pet diaper on the kennel, and then spray defecation training agent on the pet diaper, which can promote adaptation to the new environment. When a dog has an uneasy reaction to excretion, promptly prompt it to go to the pet pad; if the dog is excreted outside the pet pad, it should be severely reprimanded and clean the surrounding environment without smelling; once the dog is excreted accurately in the pet urine Encourage when padding. In this way, the dog will quickly learn to defecate. Here to add: if the dog owner can use the pet pet pad with the toilet or pet cage, the effect is better.

(4) Used during bitch production.

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