How to choose a dog pet diaper

The most annoying thing about keeping a dog is to deal with the dog’s feces. When the owner taught the dog to pee in the toilet, he didn’t teach it over and over again, and then the dog made mistakes again and again, it was just so angry that it exploded, so The owner began to think of various ways, that is to put diapers on the dog, but with the temperament of the dog, how to wear it. Then there is a pet changing mat for pets. With the development of pet care, the use of pet pet pads has become as common as the use of tissues by humans. It can help pet owners save time in handling pet waste every day, and has become a necessity for pet care. Although compared to cat litter, pet pet pads are indeed wasteful, but their effect is very good.

But with so many pet diaper brands, do you know how to choose? The first choice is to choose different sizes according to the type of dog breed. Dog breeds are generally divided into small dogs, small and medium dogs, and large dogs. Besides, you can’t just look at the outer packaging, and don’t believe any export gimmicks, mainly depending on the weight and quality. Buy a heavy one because it contains high cotton. The last is to look at the ability to absorb water, just like baby pet urine pads, the main role is to prevent leakage.

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