Deodorizing Ability Of Pet Urine Pad

Deodorization ability is also an important indicator for considering whether a pet urine pad product is excellent. At present, many pet urine pad products on the market have the function of removing odors. They are generally implemented in two ways, one is to add materials such as activated carbon to absorb odors, and the other is to add fragrance ingredients such as lavender to the product, so that The scent of the material itself masks the odor. Dudu recommends the first type of product because pets are very sensitive to odors. 

Increasing their unfamiliar odor will affect the difficulty of using pet urine pads. It should also be noted that it is best to leave some weak temperature on the urine pad, so that your pet can find the urine pad more easily when training excretion. If you are satisfied with the above main elements, an additional function can add a lot to a pet urine pad. If your pet has used a diaper before, and it was finally torn by it, then you need to choose some products with a stronger material to deal with this little guy with a running property.

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