Antibacterial And Deodorizing Effect Of Pet Urine Pad

Don’t underestimate the thin urine, it is also a high-tech product. The bottom of the standard pet urine pad is made of PE casting film and covered with hot-rolled non-woven fabric. The middle liquid-absorbing layer is composed of high-quality fluff pulp and high-efficiency and high-absorption water molecules. The cotton is soft and has a good antibacterial and deodorizing effect, which can instantly absorb urine for cleanliness and hygiene. The superabsorbent resin can absorb liquid 150 times its volume.

The bottom film is a delicate cast film with strong water barrier, which can effectively prevent the pollution caused by liquid extravasation and infiltration and keep it dry and clean. It’s not as simple as throwing money to buy a pet pet pad, letting the pet pad play its proper role and achieve the corresponding training purpose. Put a pet urine pad in a place where dogs can urinate quietly and defecate, and update the pet urine pad according to the status of defecation and urine absorption. When the dog has an uneasy response to excretion, immediately guide him to the place where the pet diaper is placed. When excreted outside the pet’s urine pad, rebuke the dog severely, and clean the surrounding environment so as not to leave a smell. Dogs should be encouraged when they excrete on the pet urine pad accurately. After using, wrap the pet urine pad inside the contaminated surface. Do not throw the pet urine pad in the toilet and cause the toilet pipe to be blocked.

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