An introduction to the dog pet feces picking bag

Some owners don’t like adopting bitches because they will have menstruation after about six months. Pets don’t come once a month, but they come twice in February and August each year. As the owner, how should we do better? Take care of it, the editor of the dog pet feces picking bag will introduce you to the dog’s menstrual care methods and matters needing attention. What do you need to pay attention to during the dog’s physiological period? At the beginning of your menstruation, you may not understand that there is blood on the ground.

Have you ever thought about the dogs coming back for menstruation too? This is what the master must understand. Balanced nutritional intake It is beneficial to the health of bitches to provide bitches with a nutritionally balanced calcium diet during bitch pregnancy. As puppies develop, the time of bitches will naturally increase. Moderate cleaning during the physiological period, the dog will be uncomfortable and will always lick. It is also recommended that you wipe it with warm water so that it will be more comfortable and will not twist your butt all the time.

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